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Cliff richard and the drifters

Cliff - 1959; Cliff Sings - 1959; Me And My Shadows - 1960; 21 Today - 1961; Listen To Cliff - 1961; Live At The ABC Kingston - 1962; 32 Minutes & 17 Seconds With ...

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The names in the list below are common masculine given names (for example, Edward, James, Matthew) and their typical nicknames (Ed, Jim, Matt) and pet names (Eddie, Jimmy, Matty). (Terms related to names are described in English Names in the section Vocabulary.)

Cliff Richard And The Drifters

Names may have a number of variants, for example, Stephen, Steven, Stephan, Steffan; Terence, Terrence, Terry. Many nicknames are used as given names, for example, Jack as a nickname for John and Jack as a given name in its own right; Harry as a nickname for Henry and Harry as an independent given name.

Cliff Richard And The Drifters

Use names and nicknames correctly. When addressing a man (or a boy), do not change his name. For example, if a man introduces himself as Sam, call him Sam, not Samuel. If a man introduces himself as Samuel, call him Samuel, not Sam or Sammy. If he says that his name is Samuel Brown, address him as Mr. Brown until he asks you to address him by his first name. (See Forms of Address in the section Vocabulary and Getting Acquainted in the section Phrases.)

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